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Over the years, God has used Daniel Mateola as an Apostle to churches in the body of Christ across the nations of the world. In 2004, Apostle Daniel answered the apostolic call to migrate to the USA where he planted a church in Medford, Oregon. For the first eight years, Apostle Daniel pastored this church as he raised sons and daughters in the ministry that he eventually turns over the ministry to when the Lord called him back to the United Kingdom. While pastoring the church in the USA, he visited and ministered to many congregations in-

many cities and states around the USA. Since answering the call to apostolic ministry in the UK, Daniel Mateola has planted another successful church family in Milton Keynes. This church is a type of a sending church with an apostolic mindset and hence Daniel Mateola has been able to travel to many nations. Daniel Mateola’s apostolic company have visited and ministered in many nations including India, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, and Brazil.

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